Please Note: Electricity & Water tariff hikes from 1 July 2018

From 1 July 2018, the Municipal tariffs for electricity and water will increase.


Please find more information on the 2018/19 electricity tariffs and charges directly on Eskom’s website:

Eskom annual price increase 2018/19

“The National energy regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved a 5.23% average price increase which will be implemented on 1 April 2018 for Eskom direct customers and a 7.32% average price increase for municipalities which will be implemented on 1 July 2018.”


Please find more information on the proposed tariffs for water and sanitation for the 2018/19 year directly on CoCT’s website:

Approved water tariffs for City of Cape Town

As of 1 July 2018, residents will no longer receive the first six kilolitres (kl) of water free per month. This proposal was implemented in order for the municipality to limit the provision of free water to only households that are classified as indigent (low-income). Approved indigent households will receive the allocated free 6 kl basic water per month on a daily pro-rata basis.

Annual tariff increases for the financial year 2018/2019 will be implemented on the July 2018 billing as follows:

Approved 2017/2018 in R Increase in % Approved 2018/2019 in R
Residential tariffs
Approved Indigent (free 6 kl monthly) 0%
1 – 6 kl R15
7 – 15 kl R19 0,00% R19
16 – 30 kl R24 0,00% R24
31 – 45 kl R28 0,00% R28
46 – 60 kl R31 0,00% R31
61 kl and above R34 0,00% R34
Schools, NGOs and hospitals (excluding private schools and hospitals)
Flat rate per kl R22 0,00% R22
Businesses, industrial consumers, private schools and hospitals
0 – 500 kl R28 12,2% R31
500 kl and above R21 12,2 % R24

Service fines and penalties

Residential water tag replacement
Blue token R325
White interface R600
Residential water meters
Meters that have been vandalised, tempered with, stolen, illegal connections/bypassed R8 132
Business water meters
Meter tempering, by-pass, vandalisms or theft (1 – 200 kl) R30 000
Meter tempering, by-pass, vandalisms or theft (201 – 500 kl) R112 200
Meter tempering, by-pass, vandalisms or theft (501 – 1 000 kl) R200 000
Meter tempering, by-pass, vandalisms or theft (1 001 and above) R500 000
Using a fire service connection for a purpose not related to fire extinguishing R112 000

Testing water meters 

15 mm R1 105
25mm R1 148
50mm R1 295

Among others, certain proposed domestic, non-indigent water tariff increases have been reduced:
–       Step 1 (less than 6 kl water usage per month): from 55,16% down to 10,10%
–       Step 2 (more than 6 kl but less than 10,5 kl water usage per month): from 6,26% down to 0%

Among others, certain proposed domestic non-indigent sanitation tariff increases have been reduced:
–       Step 1 (less than 4,2 kl per month): from 78,71% down to 9,87%
–       Step 2 (between 4,2 kl and 7,35 kl per month): from 23,74% down to 0%


Like other municipalities, the City wants to introduce a fixed basic delivery charge for water, based on the size of a household’s water meter, in addition to charging them for whatever water was used. The fixed charge will cover the costs of reticulation/supply.

Please read the following article that explains the CoCT’s new water tariffs.

The complete 2018/2019 approved tariffs document is available on CoCT’s website.

Information on the 2018/2019 CoCT’s tariff policies is available here:


If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our Tariff Specialists.

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