(AMI) Smart Metering

About the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution

AMI refers to a metering solution which uses electronic meters and supporting devices as opposed to a single mechanical analogue meter. Most residential customers have mechanical analogue meters installed at their meter box. The industry specification for AMI in South Africa is NRS049. This specification was prepared on behalf of the Electricity Suppliers Liaison Committee (ESLC). The first iteration of NRS049 was published in 2008 by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

The following are, amongst others, customer benefits of utilizing smart metering:

• Automated and accurate meter readings;

• Support for complex tariffs such as, time-of-use (TOU);

• Two way communications capabilities with iKapaPower Management and the Meter (Meter communicates to the Customer Interface Unit);

• Provision of useful consumption and tariff information via the Customer Interface Unit;

• Automatic management of non-essential appliances during peak and constrained periods;

• Support for remote disconnections and re-connections (Move-in, Move-outs);

• Tamper detection and energy balancing; and

• Support for proactive residential outage management.

In short Smart Metering is essentially the process of converting your analogue metering technology into a digital one. This conversion allows for multiple applications and technologies that set the platform when understanding your energy use and saving- and efficiency-goals, empowering our clients when making operational decisions.

All of our metering and verification equipment, software and hardware, are certified to meet all ISO STANDARDS and SANAS calibrating requirements in order to provide irrefutable data when applying our solutions, giving our clients a “POWERFUL” advantage!

Because we’ve converted your analogue metering technology to digital by means of Smart Metering we apply “GPRS” technology to connect to our meter, enabling us to manage your energy from a remote location 24/7.

Even where our clients have multiple sites, Smart Metering enables iKapaPower Management to apply our recovery process and manage all sites from a central point, giving our clients insight to multiple locations all at once, ensuring optimal use and recovery.

The ability to monitor energy 24/7 remotely, coupled with our professional energy management team, give our clients the surety that their energy is being used optimally and being billed correctly creating a tangible benefit when forecasting on saving technologies and solutions.

Smart Metering is the first step for any real disclosure on your energy consumption. This is available through our Online Management System which visually, graphically and explanatory details your consumption, billing and demand issues. Your account or meter can be accessed through your chosen log in details and viewed in multiple reports, scenarios, tasks and profiles that represent your real consumption any day, time, week and month or year.