Generators (Genset), Inverters and Off-Grid Solutions

Backup power supply is advantageous in any scenario; however with the added pressure of our current energy climate, backup power is even more of a necessity.

From business owners to home owners, we all acknowledge the need for power and the frustration of being without. The effect it has on production, operating costs, residential safety and the list goes on!

iKapaPower Management’s long lasting relationships with global manufacturers and our promise of world class service has seen many of our clients benefit financially; not only on the cost of backup power technologies, but also on their consumption and related costs.


Our generators are manufactured in Germany and are assembled locally meeting all ISO standards and safety. We stock Genset units from 17,5kVA to 150kVA or to your ordered specifications.

iKapaPower Management’s installation teams work closely with our clients ensuring our after sales support is world class.

Assembling our units locally ensures that we have service parts readily available, and offer maintenance and backup support nationally.

Inverters & Off-Grid Solutions

We are the proud supplier of an international inverter manufacturer who has kept us and our client’s light years ahead of our competition. Our inverters house the latest technology in inverted power, batteries and hybrid solutions, making us an authority on Off-Grid Solutions and Technology.

Inverted power has many advantages such as little to no maintenance, silence and no running costs i.e. petrol/diesel.

With the help of our skilled and expert team and our hybrid solutions, we are able to optimise your environment and use our technology to remove you from the conventional grid used energy, making you and your business independent and efficient!

Contact us if you are considering becoming energy independent!