Account Analysis and Cost Verification

As a result of the Municipal administrative challenges facing every local, national and international business owner it is vital to ensure that there are no billing discrepancies or incorrectly applied bi-laws on the account, affecting your energy efficiency and consumption.

On a monthly basis iKapaPower Management’s Tariff Department ensures our clients’ accounts are verified in accordance with the said municipal bi-laws, charges and seasonal changes.

Any discrepancies, inaccuracies or opportunities will be identified and reported on to ensure we are proactive in realising our client’s energy goals.

This monthly process limits the financial impact on our incorrectly billed clients and maximizes our client’s savings and efficiency outcomes with accurate and accredited data.

Our professional Tariff Team are well equipped and trained on all billing laws, bi-laws and line items associated with the approved charges, increases, penalties, tariffs as set by the regulator N.E.R.S.A (National Energy Regulator of South Africa). This includes Eskom and your local Municipality.

Estimations, repetitive charges and backtracking are just a few of the administrative nightmares affecting our consumer’s energy consumption and bottom line.

Understand your consumption and how you are billed for it!

End erroneous charges on your account!

Avoid wasted spend and incorrect penalties on your utility accounts!