Tariff Correction

Tariffs are almost never considered when applying for power, when moving your businesses location or even when expanding your business, yet tariffs are the foundation for every billable item on an account.

“Tariff definition”

“A Tariff is determined by the size of the breaker whether energy is consumed or not.”

Adjusting a tariff requires collated data from our online management system detailing our clients usage, peak periods and maximum demand, further illustrating whether our clients are on the correct tariff or not.

Businesses are often -faced with costly penalties due to incorrect tariff and supply allocation unknowingly as the incorrect tariff could contribute to poor power factor, high demand charges and associated rates. This could result in savings and efficiency methodologies having little to no effect!

From region to region there are a number of tariffs available in South Africa for each type of consumer ranging from your households, medium businesses to your larger corporations.

iKapaPower Management’s Tariff and Technical team cross reference your consumption with the most cost effective tariff available in order to reduce wasted spend, capitalise on existing efficiency products or technologies and reduce or eliminate penalties associated to the tariff.

Our proactive approach to our client’s utility consumption and demand trend ensures tangible results when applying the correct tariff.

This approach has had iKapaPower Management consult on various new build projects realising the savings on application of power, tariff and associated charges and therefore getting it right from the beginning!