Tenant Recovery and Sub-billing

Landlords, building owners and property managers will all agree that the process of recovering funds for energy & water consumed is an administratively intense task, often met with the disgruntled tenant wanting detailed consumption breakdowns or the economic pressures of increasing costs with our energy & water supplier, further straining our productivity due to their own hardships: load shedding & water restrictions

iKapaPower Managements highly skilled team, housed in our Recovery Department, offer an invaluable service to landlords, building owners and property managers by ensuring the recovery and associated billing bi-laws are adhered to as per the energy regulator (NERSA) and the Department of Water and Sanitation. Also applying our vast knowledge on split or sub-billing ensures your tenants are being billed correctly in respect of their consumption.

Our Recovery Team deliver detailed accounts to our clients’ tenants on a monthly basis. Supported by a world class service team we are equipped to handle any administrative, consumption and billing query that is fielded by our service team, therefore minimizing the administrative headache between landlord, tenant and recovery.

Our Recovery Team also apply the bi-laws and legal support applicable to the landlord to ensure successful collections of due accounts, manage accounts that are in arrears and limit late payments.

iKapaPower Management’s Recovery and Sub-billing process provides for an accountable platform between tenant, landlord and usage costs. This further limits the landlords associated risks as iKapaPower Management is the administrator and the mediator between landlord, ESKOM and Municipality, therefore limiting billing errors.

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